PINELLAS (970 WFLA) - Pinellas Congressman David Jolly sent a letter to the head of NOAA wanting to know what funding is being devoted to red tide and is anxious for the administration to help local scientists manage the current algae bloom in the Gulf.

Scientists say the red tide bloom stretches from off of the Pinellas coast 100 miles northward.  

“We know what the smell means to our community but we also what it means to our tourist economy as well those whose businesses rely on visitors to the beaches. It can be very unpleasant when red tide really takes effect. Hopefully we can eradicate it very soon,” Jolly said.

There have been dead fishing sightings along Honeymoon Island from the large bloom in the gulf that extends north of Hernando county.

Jolly says researchers need more federal dollars to combat red tide.

Photo Credit 970 WFLA/K. Norman