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Pain and diet

Today on Natural Health and You we talked about pain - chronic and acute pain.  There are many things you can do about pain without resorting to drugs.  And we're not just talking about...

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New bakery

The best gluten-free bakery in Pasco county is almost ready to re-open.  The new address is 7227 S R 52.  Call 727-534-1977 to find out the exact day.  You may also order your...

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Food Waste

Times are getting tougher.  We need to evaluate how we shop for food, and what kinds of money and food we're wasting.  We need to get smarter about our shopping and preperation of...

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Breakfast ideas

Today is June 1, 2013.  If you missed the show on 1250 WHNZ, make sure you tune in via the podcast on .  The show's name is "Natural Health and You".   I'm...

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Vitamins d and some paleo recipes

Hello, and welcome back.  Today on the show "Natural Health and You" we talked at great length about the importance of Vitamin D 3.  If you missed the show, you can access it at this...

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Personality TEST

No cemetery will accept Boston bombing suspect — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) May 6, 2013

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Oh No, not low carb again

Hi.  Dr. B and I are leaving for a cruise on May 4.  To prepare my body for more revealing clothes, I decided to try the low carb diet again.    Unfortunately, I...

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Substitutions you can use

Hi.  Today I'm covering what you can use when you run out of an ingredient.   These will be random thoughts in no apparent order.   Broth - I interchange...

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Tips to make your cooking life easier

Welcome back.  We've been off the air for two weeks due to basketball, but now we are back.  This week I'm going to share some valuable tips that will make your life easier, and give...

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Comfort Crock pot foods

Welcome back.  Last week I shared recipes from my family vaults.  This week I'm sharing some crock pot comfort recipes.  These will come in really handy during this cold snap....

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