The best gluten-free bakery in Pasco county is almost ready to re-open.  The new address is 7227 S R 52.  Call 727-534-1977 to find out the exact day.  You may also order your fresh baked goods to order. 


What do we do?  A full line of breads.  Most of the breads are rice based, but we can accomodate rice allergies too. 


Rice blend bread

Rice/millet/sorghum bread

Rice "rye" flavored bread

Rice cinnamon/raisin bread

French bread

Italian bread

Pizza crusts - personal size or regular


Sandwich/Hot dog rolls

Bagels-plain, onion, sundried tomato,everything, blueberry, cranberry are just some of our varieties

English muffins

Bread curmbs


Cookies - gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, Mexican hot chocolate, (just some of the varieties)

Cakes or cupcakes- chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, spice, pumpkin, banana.  These are just a tip of the cake.


Special cakes/cupcakes - Carrot, Boston Cream, Nutella, Lemon with curd, Peanut butter sandwich cake,


Cinnamon rolls


"Hostess type" cupcakes



Pies - pecan, lemon meringue, apple, peach, strawberry/rhubarb to name a few

Pie crusts

Most of the products can be made without dairy or eggs.

Most of the products can be made without sugar.  We use xylitol.  Allergic it cane sugar?  We use beet or fruit sugar.

All of the products are made without soy.

Just call to see what's available, or stop in.  Call 727-534-1977 or 800-326-5838 (just remember that number is shared with the chiropracttc office)


Stop in at 7227 State Road 52.  Anyday, except Saturdays (remember, I'm on the air with my husband Dr. B), and don't stop in on June 30 because that is the first birthday of our grandson, Mannix.