Larry King Episode with Biden Accuser's Mom Disappears?

Just days after video of a 1993 Larry King Live episode in which someone identified as the mother of a woman accusing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault called in to describe her daughter's situation, the video does not appear to be in at least one online collection of the series.

A Google Play search reveals an episode of the CNN show for Tuesday, August 10, 1993 and Thursday, August 12, 1993 -- but none for August 11, the day on which King and his guests talked to a caller from San Luis Obispo, California, said that her daughter couldn't get through about her "problems" with a prominent senator, and chose not to go to the media "out of respect." The subject of the program was the cutthroat nature of Washington politics.

Reade tells CNN she is certain the woman in the call is her mother, Jeanette Altimus, now deceased.

The video was uncovered by the Media Research Center. It's available on YouTube.

Photo: Getty Image

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