Seaplanes and Swimmers Don't Mix at Fort DeSoto Park

CLEARWATER -- In the midst of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, Pinellas County commissioners have taken time out to talk about restrictions at a newly forming lagoon near Fort DeSoto Park's North Beach.

Commissioners have been discussing a rule restricting boating, kayaking, and jetskiing around the lagoon. Pinellas Parks director Paul Cozzie says there's another hazard for swimmers... ultralight aircraft and seaplanes, which use the lagoon because they're banned in areas controlled by the county.

Aircraft are banned from the beach, but the county may have to enact a new ordinance to keep them out of nearby waters, or lease the lagoon from the state.

Watch video of the too-close spacings between boats, aircraft and people:

Photo Credit: Pinellas County Commission

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