State Setting Up Nursing Home Catered To COVID+ Elderly

Governor Ron DeSantis weighing in as coronavirus case numbers spike in Florida.

He says as hospitals fill up, there are other options for patients who are positive, but don't necessarily need intensive care.

DeSantis says these facilities will free up I-C-U beds for those who truly need them.

The state is sending in help to relieve the staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital, South Florida's largest hospital network.

The Governor says the extra staff will help treat patients diagnosed with the coronavirus or any other ailment.

The state is also setting up another COVID-only nursing home in Miami to stop the spread of the disease.

Infected nursing home patients can recover at the isolated facility before returning to their group home.

Governor DeSantis says the goal is to prevent the virus from spreading to other seniors, who are most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Photo by: AFP via Getty Images

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