Hillsborough School Superintendent and Board Talk Money, Firings

TAMPA -- Hillsborough School Superintendent Addison Davis acknowledged that the way hundreds of teachers and school board employees found out they were losing jobs in a cutback.. through a curt e-mail... was not appropriate.

Davis said he was out of town at the time but still takes responsibility.

The cutbacks and the way they were handled led to calls from parents and teachers to fire Davis. But the board got a brushback pitch from State Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, who warned in a letter that the board faced a takeover if it didn't handle its' finances.

Board members aired complaints that Davis' top aides were not communicating adequately with the board and the public. School board chair Lynn Gray also rolled out results of a survey showing morale issues among school principals and administrators.

The board is expected to meet again, either May 4th or 12th, to discuss the district's financial situation.

Photo: Hillsborough School District