Safety Harbor's Bear on the Run Gets a Twitter Handle

SAFETY HARBOR -- A black bear that wandered into a highly urbanized area of Pinellas County hasn't found a mate yet, but it's not without sock puppets.

Someone has started a Twitter account with the handle @PinellasBear (the Safety Harbor Bear) and the caption, "I'm a bear. I'm on the move. What else is there?"

The bear is described as "18 month old single... (and) looking for companionship. I enjoy long walks on the beach, scurrying up trees, picnics, and berries. Let's make a den together! Or head to the Keys. Must be able to hide from the evil humans quickly." "I thought Pinellas would be more welcoming," the bear account said, in response to a post from a TV station that said "Run bear run!"

Several individuals and businesses have responded to the account, including one that invited it to the Dunedin Brewery, and another invitation to Children's Story Time at a local library. One reporter offered "snacks" for an exclusive interview.

FWC officials think the bear wandered south from Pasco County. New reports Thursday say it has moved away from its first sighted location at Philippi Park in Safety Harbor, allowing the park to reopen.

Photo: Canva (of a different bear)