Little League Umpires Quit After Threats From Parents, Players

Young Baseball Player Arguing with Umpire

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A youth baseball league in Massachusetts no longer has umpires after they quit following threats from parents and players. The incident happened during a Taunton West Little League game.

Dominic Damiano, president of the Amateur Baseball Umpires Association, said that the trouble began late in the game during a pivotal moment. With the tying run on base, and the next hitter walking to the plate, the home plate umpire raised his hand to stop the ball from going into play.

However, the pitcher didn't realize it and threw a pitch, which was struck for a game-tying double. However, because the umpire had ruled the ball was not in play, the double didn't count, and the hitter had to redo the at-bat.

After the hitter struck out, angry parents and fans started screaming and yelling at the umpires.

"As soon as we got off the field, we started to be confronted and accosted by numerous parents continuing to yell at us and get in our faces," home plate umpire Paul Nadeau said.

"We had kids that were being condoned to do that as well, as far as to yell at us and say we suck," Nadeau added.

After the game, Damiano contacted the league and informed them that the incident violated their contract with the Amateur Baseball Umpires Association. As a result, the umpires would no longer work any more games for the league.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the league said it wants to work with the umpires to find a way for them to come back. The umpires and the league are expected to meet with the mayor of Taunton to work out a resolution so the league can continue to host its playoff games.

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