Dad Beat Daughter, Then Ate, Did Drugs As She Died In Back Seat Of Car

Adam Montgomery

Photo: New Hampshire Attorney General

Gruesome details were revealed about the death of 2019 death of five-year-old Harmony Montgomery during the first day of her father, Adam Montogomery's, murder trial.

Prosecutors said that Adam abused Harmony and would hit her multiple times. On December 7, 2019, Harmony soiled herself while sleeping in the back of Montogomery's car, and he viciously assaulted her, hitting her numerous times in the head, as his wife Kayla watched.

"Kayla was terrified to see what he had done," Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General Christopher Knowles told the court. "She could hear the moaning – sounds that eventually stopped."

"I think I really hurt her this time," Adam told Kayla.

However, instead of calling 911 and getting help for Harmony, Adam and Kayla drove to a methadone clinic to pick up drugs. With the drugs in hand, they went and got fast food.

When they checked on Harmony, they noticed she had wet herself again, and Adam started beating her, striking her in the head and face.

After eating and doing drugs, they went to check on Harmony again and realized she had died. Prosecutors said that Adam then stuffed her body in a duffle bag and kept it for several weeks before dismembering her body and disposing of her remains outside of Boston.

Investigators never found her remains.

Before the trial started, Adam agreed to plead guilty to charges of falsifying physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. However, he maintains that he did not kill his daughter.

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