Pilot Returns To Airport After Bathroom Toilet Overflows Into Cabin

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A United Airlines flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to San Francisco, California, was forced to return to the airport on Friday (March 29) because of an issue with the plane's toilet.

About two hours after departing, one of the toilets overflowed into the cabin, filling it with a foul odor. The flight crew was unable to fix the issue, so the pilot decided it was best to turn the plane around and return to Frankfurt Airport.

United Airlines said the passengers were put up in a hotel for the night and rebooked on other flights to San Francisco the next day.

The Boeing 777 was taken out of service, and its scheduled Saturday flight was canceled. However, by Sunday, the issue was fixed, and the plane was put back in service. It arrived in San Francisco without incident and is currently scheduled to take passengers from San Francisco to Beijing, China, on April 2.

That wasn't the only issue with a United Airlines flight on Friday. Multiple passengers were taken to the hospital after a flight from Israel to New Jersey experienced extreme turbulence, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing at New York Stewart International Airport.

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